Hi, my name is Richard and I am an orchid addict. I've been growing orchids for 20 years. Like most addicts, the smallest pleasure can get out of hand. One starts with a single orchid and before you know it there are 100s.

My individual passion is for the alliance Cattleya and for all related genera in the tribe Epidendreae. To be precise, my particular favorites are the native
Caribbean genera and their hybrids. My goal is to create new hybrids, small plants with large flowers, eventually to create a new hybrid I can register with the Royal Horticultural Society.


High atop a mid-west side, pre-war building I have a greenhouse, stuffed to over flowing with orchids. In which I have tried to create a seren enviroment.

My web site is far from finished. I do plan on having a sales section, which I am in the process of creating, and other interesting features.

In the meantime I am selling on Ebay under the name of SkylineOrchids.